ADP Aline card Guide| Activate And Manage Your Mycard ADP Aline Card | ADP Aline card Login

ADP Aline Card: ADP is one of the leading players in the sphere of outsourcing business services. ADP Aline card is one of exclusive ADP products that aids and abets you to use your money on your schedule. Basically it is a refillable visa card that helps employers as well as the employees an option that is easy and low costing substitute to pay checks.

ADP Aline Card works exactly like a debit card. It endows you with easy mobile money management anywhere anytime and enables you to enjoy 24×7 ATM access all around the world. It also brings the bliss of real time alerts, texts and mails along with it.

My card ADP Aline card is no less than a blessing in disguise. It not only helps you to securely receive your salaries but also provides a wide range of facilities like executing purchases pan globe, online settlement of bills, getting cash back at the register and trouble-free read-through of your balance at your place.

Here is the procedure of Mycard ADP Aline Card login and savoir the benefits of your ADP Aline card:

  1. Open this link in your browser: https://www.visaprepaidprocessing.com/ADP/PayRoll/Home/Index?m=1. You will redirect to the page shown below.

ADP Aline card login guide activate and manage adp aline card

  1. Locate the white dialog box in the right just below the topmost black bar of the site. It asks for your username or card number. Key in your user name or card number and then just click on the sign in button.
  2. When you are down with the previous step you will redirect to the page shown below. Enter your password and click on continue button.

enter your password to login to adp aline card


  1. If you have forgotten your password then you can easily reset it by clicking on Forgot Password option sited just beneath the yellow sign in button.

If you want to register for ADP Aline Card then you just need to trail the steps cited below in order to activate and manage your mycard ADP Aline card guide. There are two ways in which you can carry out the activation process:

Activate Mycard.ADP Aline Card Over telephone line:

  1. Call 877.237.432 to make your personalized card active.

Activate ADP Aline Card Through Internet:

  1. Go to your browser and open this link https://www.visaprepaidprocessing.com/ADP/PayRoll/Home/Index. You will redirect to the page shown below.
  2. Click on Activate my card. You will reach the page shown below. Then you just need to enter your card number in the specified dialog box and click on continue.

enter you adp aline card number to activate your adp aline card

  1. Furnish the required details to verify your identity. Once you are done with this, you will be given a user ID and asked to choose and confirm your password.
  2. Choose three security questions and answers of your choice.
  3. After providing with your email ID and phone number, you will shortly receive an email with the activation code inside.
  4. Key in the activation code in the box created for it in order to complete the registration process. After that you will receive an email stating confirmation regarding the completion of the process.
  5. Then just simply go back to the home page. Enter your username or card number and your password and then click on sign in to revel in the amazing services of ADP Aline card.

This was all about activating your ADP Aline Card and logging in to luxuriate in the amazing money management services of ADP Aline card.




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