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ADP iPayStatements: ADP iPay statements are an exclusive online service dispensed by ADP (Automated Data Processing), one of the leading businesses outsourcing service importer. It enables its customers to access their payroll payments anywhere anytime at their expediency. It will purge the need for waiting for paper form cheques for employees before filing their taxes.

ADP iPay blesses you with the feature of accessing your income online rather than waiting for proper paper form cheques from your employers. It not only ease the process of checking your pay statements but it also helps you to view, print and save an electric copy of your w-2s and 1099s. You can access your w2s 24 hours day and 7 days a week. In addition to that, you can also make modifications to your w-4. Login to adp aline card here mycard.adp.com

Following are the steps to register for ADP iPaystatements:

  1. Open https://ipay.adp.com/iPay/login.jsf in your browser. You will redirect to the page shown below.

adp ipaystatements login

  1. Click on Register Now option. Enter the registration pass code given by your employer into the box shown below and then click on the next button.

enter the registration pass code to continue to adp ipaystatements

  1. Select iPay statements and then click on submit.
  2. Collect the following details from your recent pay statements and enter it into the designated places:
  • Company code
  • File number
  • Social security number
  • Pay date or advice date
  • Cheque voucher/ advice number

You will be then impelled to complete the registration process. You will also be required to select a unique password of 8-20 characters out of which one should be an alpha character and one numeric character. You will also be allotted a user ID generated by the system. Once you are done with the registration process, you will receive a mail confirming the same. You may also select to have an email notification to be sent to you updating you whenever your current payment statement is on hand.

Once you have completed the registration process you can look through your payment statements using this link HTTP:// ipay.adp.com. You can log into this with the user Id and password that you created by yourself.

Steps for logging in to use ADP iPaystatements:

  1. Open this link http://www.adp.com/logins/adp-ipaystatements.aspx in your web browser.
  1. If you are an employee then click on employee login and if you are an administrator then click on administrator login. Then you will redirect to the page shown below.
  1. Click on login button. Then you will see a dialog box asking for your username and password as shown below. Enter your user name and pass word into the specified spaces. Then simply click on log in.

enter you username and password to login in to adp ipaystatements

You just need to follow these steps and then you will be able to get a buzz out of all the awesome services that ADP iPaystatements bring to you.


You can also get some of the essential information regarding the importance and usage of ADP iPaystatements in this link http://www.ccres.org/forms/ADP%20iPay%20Registration%20and%20Reference%20Guide.pdf .


ADP iPaystatement is one of the most striking products launched by ADP. It helps you to go paperless. And the fact that you can access at your convenience is just tremendously mind blowing. All you need to do is trust ADP iPayStatements and forget stress!



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  5. I just sent my pay stubs after I got it from adp I pay the laz people could not let me in. But the person that I sent my document to via email could not access my stubs because he said they asked him the registration code. So I don’t know what to give him cause I registered long time ago. I’m looking for my registration code.

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